It's Election Day!!

It's Election Day!!

Time to vote Sendolo!

Polls are open 6:30am-7:30pm.  Find your polling location here.


Then come join our Election Night Celebration!  

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Countdown! 1 Day Till Election Day!

We are 1 day from Election Day!  

Here is Reason #1 to Vote Sendolo! 

#1.  You don't have to take our word for it; listen to these folks!  

Sendolo is a remarkable young man.  He is bighearted and smart as a whip.  He will make a superb champion for Durham's children, families and teachers. 

--Steve Schewel, Durham City Council

I trust Sendolo to work WITH parents, teachers, and students, not just FOR us, because that's what he has always done in the past. His experience, compassion, and commitment to our community makes him the best candidate for the job.

--Holly Jordan, DPS Teacher

Sendolo Diaminah has gained very strong support among educators through his record of advocacy for public schools.  We believe he will bring a strong vision for working effectively with parents and the community.  

--Andrea Underwood, President, Durham Association of Educators

There are so many reasons to vote Sendolo!  Check back tomorrow to get hype on Election Day!

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Countdown! 2 Days Till Election Day!

We are 2 days from Election Day!  

Here is Reason #2 to Vote Sendolo!  

#2. Sendolo envisions schools that are safe, affirming, and successful spaces for all children, regardless of background.  He's committed to equitable funding that doesn't just focus on a few schools, but that makes all of Durham's schools places that parents want to send their kids.  

That's just one of the reasons that Bo and Monya run and give Sendolo a big hug whenever they see him!  

Please share this reason to vote Sendolo, and check back tomorrow for Reason #1! 

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Countdown! 3 Days Till Election Day!

We are 3 days from Election Day!  

Here is Reason #3 to Vote Sendolo

#3. Sendolo respects teachers, and is committed to supporting them as professionals and people.  Teaching, especially in North Carolina's current political climate, can be a thankless and disheartening job.  Sendolo will help teachers feel empowered in their profession.  

This is Alec and his children Siboney and Isani.  Here is what Alec had to say about volunteering for Sendolo's campaign:

I have been largely apolitical for my entire life. Not because I was without a moral political compass, but because I often became lost in convoluted platforms that rarely seemed like they connected with the communities and people that I have been involved with. I just spent the last couple of hours making phone calls on behalf of Sendolo Diaminah. In the conversations I was having with folks, it became clear that I was telling stories about my life's work, the abrupt end to my career as an educator, and the hopes for my children's future with complete confidence that the man I was endorsing would do everything in his power to address those things in Durham-absolutely no question about it. Felt great! Go get em' Dolo!

Please share this reason to vote Sendolo, and check back tomorrow for Reason #2! 

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Countdown! 4 Days Till Election Day!

We are 4 days from Election Day!  

Here is Reason #4 to Vote Sendolo

#4. Sendolo knows that real transformation in schools doesn't just come from 7 elected leaders, it comes from the stakeholders in each school community.  Sendolo has proven experience in developing teachers, students, and parents as school leaders.

This is Elisa, a Hillside High school alumna soon to graduate UNC Charlotte with plans to return to Durham and teach high school history.  In 2010, when she joined the Umbrella Coalition, Elisa wanted to help her school but didn't know how. Now, she is a community leader when it comes to issues of social justice.  Here is what she says about Sendolo's influence on her life: 

In the spring of 2010, while an 11th grade student at Hillside High, Sendolo taught several students and myself the skills we needed to advocate for full funding of our schools. He encouraged us to speak publicly and to let out voices be heard. He firmly believes in the power of students to make a difference in their communities. Sendolo’s passion for education and his dedication to students has allowed me to continue working on education and various other issues affecting our communities. I encourage you to vote for Sendolo. He knows, and works for the students of Durham Public Schools.

Please share this reason to vote Sendolo, and check back tomorrow for Reason #3! 

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Countdown! 5 Days Till Election Day

We are 5 days from Election Day!  

Here is Reason #5 to Vote Sendolo

#5.  Sendolo is supported by a wide variety of community members and leaders in Durham, from school stakeholders to  elected officials.  All support his unique vision for DPS.  

In the last couple of days, we've seen a few articles related to the District 2 campaign budget reports.  One quoted Sendolo: “I’m really proud that my support overwhelmingly comes from parents, teachers, community leaders and others who support improving public education in Durham.”    

Our campaign budget report, our Facebook page, our community parties and more prove what a wide base of support Sendolo has in Durham.  Join us!  

Please share this reason to vote Sendolo, and check back tomorrow for Reason #4! 

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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Sendolo

The following Letter to the Editor ran in the Durham Herald-Sun on April 30, 2014.

Vote for Diaminah

It’s no secret that a school benefits when parents, teachers, and students invest time and energy in creating a positive, community-oriented school environment. But this is easier said than done. It requires exceptional leadership.

Enter Sendolo Diaminah. Sendolo is running for the District 2 School Board seat. When asked how he would improve Durham Public Schools, Sendolo replied, “The first thing I would do to improve Durham Public schools [would] be to make parent, teacher and youth engagement a regular part of school and school system decision-making.” This is not wishful thinking; Sendolo has proven that he has the skills to do this.

As a part of the Umbrella Coaltion, Sendolo led a successful campaign that saved 185 Durham teaching jobs from budget cuts. This work required identifying stakeholders and empowering them to negotiate with officials and to speak publicly. As a community organizer for People’s Durham, Sendolo worked with residents of Lincoln Apartments to successfully delay their unfair eviction and to acquire city resources to help them relocate.

Sendolo has shown that he has the skills to research a situation, to educate and train others to lead, and to successfully mediate discussions between those in power and those outside the circle of power.

Sendolo’s vision is not to solve people’s problems for them, but to engage people collectively in facing and solving problems together.

Successful schools, and indeed a successful democracy, need this kind of leadership. If you live in District 2, vote for Sendolo.

Ned Kennington



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Countdown! 6 Days Till Election Day

We are 6 days from Election Day!  

Here is Reason #6 to Vote Sendolo!  

#6.  Sendolo knows that our schools need resources and he is willing to fight for them in a state climate that is increasingly anti-public education.

While some of Sendolo's opponents have adopted a philosophy of "doing what we can with what we have," Sendolo knows that's not good enough, and that mediocre expectations create mediocre outcomes.  This will not be Sendolo's first time fighting for the resources that Durham's schools need.  In 2010 he worked with Durham educators, parents, and students to demand more funding that ended up saving 185 Durham teacher jobs.  

Carol, pictured above with daughter Emma, is one of those teachers who has been fighting alongside Sendolo since then. She has seen Sendolo's organizing work help her colleagues and students and for that reason she is a fervent supporter of our campaign!

Please share this reason to vote Sendolo, and check back tomorrow for Reason #5! 

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Countdown! 7 Days Till Election Day

We are 7 days from Election Day!  

Here is Reason #7 to Vote Sendolo!  

#7.  Sendolo understands how literacy, especially pre-K literacy, is connected not only to students' academic success, but also their social well-being.  He says: 

Too often children are already behind when they arrive in our kindergarten classrooms. By the time our students reach high school, the problem has often deepened leading to increased suspension and drop out rates. We can avoid problems that are a decade away by ensuring all our students have a strong educational foundation.

Sendolo is committed to increasing DPS' partnership with pre-K programs to ensure that all our students enter school prepared to succeed, so that 13 years later they will walk across that graduation stage!  

Please share this reason to vote Sendolo, and check back tomorrow for Reason #6! 

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Beautiful day for some door knockin'!

Wow what a weekend! The Sendolo for School Board campaign took advantage of the great weather this weekend and held two canvass days. We hit hundreds of doors and met tons of great folks from around our district!

It was especially inspiring to meet so many great volunteers who shared Sendolo's vision for more community involvement in our school system. This campaign shows just how diverse the movement for stronger public schools really is.

But it wasn't all fun and games. Running a serious canvass operation takes a lot of work, and a lot of maps.

In the end it was all worth it. We made some great connections with community members, helped educate folks on voting days and locations, and left our literature on hundreds of doors. There was only one thing missing from this weekend....


We are always looking to get more folks involved with our campaign. If you share our values, strong public schools with community participation, this campaign is a great way to get involved and help our schools. There's only a few weekends left, but if you would like to join us please fill out our handy Canvass sign up form! 

It is a lot of fun and a great way to meet other public education activists in Durham. This will be a very tight election so every door and every vote will make a difference. Hope to see you soon!

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